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The Krasnodar Educational and Experimental Farm Unit

“The Krasnodar educational and experimental farm unit” is a structural subdivision of Kuban State Agrarian University (KubSAU) and is considered to be the base for training students, retraining and advanced training of specialists, conducting research, testing scientific developments, selling breeding stock, new technologies and other high-tech products.

It is equipped with a modern material and technical facilities, which includes high-performance equipment and technology fit up with the Glonass system, which allows you to control the operation of the equipment and fuel consumption. In livestock farming, there are used feed dispensers with a Wi-Fi module in combination with modern software, and to optimize the feeding system there have been installed a telescopic loader, furthermore to improve the performance of the livestock industry there have been installed a herd navigator.

Due to the continuous modernization of production processes in both the crop production and livestock industries, the Krasnodar educational and experimental farm unit is one of the best production bases for future specialists in such professions as agrotechnicians, engineering specialists, veterinarians, livestock specialists, accountants, and economists.

The main activity of the Krasnodar educational farm unit is dairy cattle breeding.

On average, milk yield per forage-fed cow, despite seasonality and weather conditions, was 31.1 liters per day.

In 2015, the best result was 27 tons of milk per day. In January 2016, the Krasnodar educational farm unit received 28 tons of milk per day for the first time ever.

The number of cattle on the farm in 2013 was 2427 animal units, 800 of which were dairy cows, in 2014 there were 2416 animal units, 850 of which were dairy cows, in 2015 there were 2423 of animal units and 850 of which were dairy cows, at the beginning of 2016 there were 2440 of animal units, including 900 of dairy cows. Milk production in 2013 was 6827 tons per year, in 2014 -7809 tons, in 2015 - 8685 tons.

In 2022, the daily milk yield per cow reached 45 kg.

The enterprise received the status of a breeding reproducer for breeding Holstein cattle.

Milk production volume reached: 14,780 tons

The cattle livestock is 3180 units, including 1050 dairy cows.


Pavel Alexandrovich Nosalenko

Pavel Alexandrovich Nosalenko

  • Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
  • Honored Scientist of Kuban,
  • Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation,
  • full member of the International Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Academy of Quality Problems.
2A Oktyabrskaya Street, Lazurny village, Krasnodar
Pavel Alexandrovich Nosalenko