Female specialists in the sphere of Information Technologies


An international summit dedicated to support of women specializing in information technologies sphere was held on the 27 and 28th of November in Warsaw, Poland. More than 1000 best female students from all around the world participated in the summit. Today Poland is considered to be a new educational center for specialists of information technologies and production sector. 

Valeriya Zanina, a 3rd year student of Applied Informatics Faculty, took part in the summit on the topic of information systems and technologies, which took place in Warsaw. She got a scholarship which covers transfer, accommodation and meals. 

Among the seminar spokesmen there were representatives of the following well-known companies Robert Bosh GmbH, Google, Siemens, Intel, Dell, Facebook, YouTube, Ericson, Samsung etc. The summit was also attended by such top-ranking female reporters as Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Wanda Buk, Deputy Minister forDigitalization, and Georgette Mosbacher, US Ambassador in Poland.

Kuban SAU wishes Valeriya good luck, furtheracademic and career success in the field of her interest.