Maria Aniskina, an employee of the Department of Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Biophysics of KubSAU, and Yaroslav Zakharevich, a graduate of energetics, were selected, and now they are in Niigata, Japan.

In total, 12 scientific papers from all over Russia were selected for the MEXT scholarship. Only two works were from Krasnodar.

An excellent knowledge of English was a prerequisite for the scholarship programme. Maria and Yaroslav coped with this stage. They successfully defended their research projects in English.

Currently, Yaroslav is finishing his master's thesis on the topic “Comparison of NDVI, RGB and SATELLITE cameras for monitoring the state of the field”. Maria, in her turn, studies and conducts research on agriculture and biological resources. The title of her research is “Development of a feed additive with vitamin C, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and montmorillonite to increase cows' milk productivity”.